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Excel Password Recovery PRO 1.2

Recovers MS Excel lost passwords regardless of their length and complexity
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Recovers Microsoft Excel lost passwords regardless of their length and complexity. Excel Password Recovery PRO helps you to reset practically any lost or forgotten password for your Microsoft Excel files using various methods. It creates a password cache for quicker further password recovery, and includes also an "Attack Profile Manager", a tool to configure the different search methods provided.

With an intuitive and well-designed user interface, this program is also very easy to use. When you open a password-protected Excel file, the program asks you to choose between two different actions: document decryption or password recovery. The former simply creates a copy of the original document without its password protection, while the latter tries to recover the lost password by using different attack methods. The recovery method may take a really long time to finish sometimes, so it always helps if you remember something about the password, such as its length and/or some of the characters it contained. When the program finally recovers your password you can visualize it, copy it to the clipboard, and – optionally – add it to the Password Cache.

Regarding the "Attack Profile Manager", it is useful for the password recovery action only. It includes a series of pre-defined attack schemes, but you can create and configure your own. For each scheme, you can add different search methods, including BruteForce, Dictionary, and SmartSearch. Besides, you can perform additional actions, like setting the minimum and maximum word length and applying filters to the dictionary files.

In short, Excel Password Recovery PRO is a versatile software tool that will help you access the contents of any password-protected Excel one way or another. It may be very helpful for those who manage high volumes of password-protected Excel files. Unfortunately, no Microsoft Excel version later than 2003 is supported.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive and well-designed user interface
  • Allows you to simply decrypt protected files or actually recover their passwords
  • Allows you to create and configure your custom attack schemes
  • Can create and maintain a password cache


  • The last Microsoft Excel version supported for this program is 2003
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